About The SteamPunkin

This mutant vehicle began as a riding lawn mower and trailer that has been handcrafted into the magnificent SteamPunkin & ROUS (Rodent Of Unusual Size).

A 17hp, reliable and mighty, John Deere tractor is the base chassis for ROUS. To create ROUS, the artist used over 2400 rivets, several feet of LED’s, special effects and old victorian style vehicle accents. ROUS is the true hero for all that he does, either as the lead coachman of the SteamPunkin or by his own (#AdventureswithROUS, a reference to Princess Bride).

The SteamPunkin began as a 4’ single axle trailer base. To form the pumpkin shape, the artist used over 300’ sq ft of custom laser cut gears individually welded together. The custom programmable lighting runs off self-contained and green powered. The entire design creates a magnificent steampunk inspired pumpkin carriage.

Fun Fact: The entire SteamPunkin is modular, reducing to a mere 6’ x 4’ x 6’ space for storage and transportation. When assembled in all its glory, it becomes a 10’ tall, 8’ diameter pumpkin with seating for 6 people in a plush elegant interior. Alternatively, the SteamPunkin can become a mobile sound stage where DJ’s magically mix music to give soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.

To build the SteamPunkin & ROUS, it took close to 3000 hours over 9 months. 90% of the mutant vehicle was completed by the Lead Artist. Needless to say that restrictions imposed by COVID-19 withheld needed helping hands and timely materials. Despite the trials and tribulations, the magic remained alive and brought The SteamPunkin & ROUS from a dream to reality.


I’m an artist at heart and a long time burner with close to 30 world-wide burns under my belt. All of which I have participated in from volunteering at the gate, Lead Ranger, crewed on several large-scale art installations and founded 4 theme camps, all going strong. I felt it was time to push myself to new heights.

I wanted to create something magical for others, that also allowed me to venture out of camp.  The SteamPunkin’s original idea was nothing larger than a rickshaw, and as in the fairy tale, it grew and grew out of proportion. I get so much joy from the look of wonder in people’s eyes as we mutually experience the magic of classic fairy tales. For me, those communal smiles and laughters represent all the gears working together as one.